Grant Simmons

SEO / Marketing Consultant
Brilliant Strategy

Grant Simmons is a freelance SEO & marketing consultant, US Ambassador for InLinks (an entity-base SEO toolset), Global Search Awards judge, and fractional Director of SEO, who most recently led the Performance Marketing team at, helping drive brand awareness, search traffic, affiliate traffic, and lead optimization for one of the nation's top real estate sites. Grant has over 35 years of agency & brand experience serving industry-leading organizations such as; Paramount Studios, Red Bull, M&M/Mars, Disney, Napster, Warner Bros., UPS,, YPO, GE, Amgen & Fox Sports. Grant is a popular speaker at search industry events worldwide, including; SMX, SES, SIS, Barbados SEO, Pubcon, Brighton SEO, Chiang Mai SEO, UCLA Anderson School of Business, eMarCom, C3, Digital Summit series, DMO, Social Shakeup, Multifamily Brainstorming, R3, DMA, LRTCon, and has written or been quoted in Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine News, Forbes, Fox Business, MSN, Media Post, Yahoo & other national & international publications. Grant has been a Judge for the US Search, European Content, US Agency, UK Search and Global Agency Awards numerous times over the past 7 years. Described as an online marketing strategist, motivator, ideator, entrepreneur, asker-of-tough-questions, and "proud American with a funny accent", he prefers; father, sailor, search marketer & expat Brit - though not necessarily in that order when there's a fair wind. You can find more information at or