The Right Call to Action at the Right Time

Effective marketing requires alignment of a specific message with where a user is in their purchase process. You can’t sell features when someone is looking to resolve a general pain point. You can’t propose top level value when someone knows the specific type of product they would like to buy. If you are wondering why your qualified site visitors don’t become customers, or if you have saturated your bottom-of-the-funnel channels, this session is for you.

Regardless of your product or industry, there is a singular funnel users flow through. While you can use your offers and resources to pull users deeper towards purchasing, if you fail to align with the users’ current positive and skip steps (i.e. getting straight to selling), you are going to be left wondering why your free trials don’t convert, your “”add to carts”” don’t buy, or why retargeting doesn’t seem to work for your business. You must be the vehicle in your users’ journey to convert deals early (or late) in their purchase process.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the goals and mindset of the user purchase funnel, from success to pain points to specific features
  • Map your calls to action to the purchase funnel to spot gaps and identify hang-ups
  • Understand how the same marketing channels might align with different stages in the funnel and require different goals, calls to action and follow-up

This session is for marketing leaders (directors, VPs and CMOs), or their digital marketer counterparts with several years of experience that are obsessed with driving sales/revenue and want to learn approaches to make an impact at various stages of the customer journey.