Modern Market Research: Tactics from the Trenches

Today we are seeing many changes in the marketplace. Customer expectations have skyrocketed and consumers demand seamless interactions – and don’t always expect to pay for them. What’s a marketer to do?! Why, change customer behavior of course. In this talk, bestselling author of InstaBrain and Market Research expert Sarah Weise will share stories from the trenches that you can use to better understand and reach your customers. Through modern market research techniques, you’ll be able to highly target your marketing and messaging at each point where your brand and customer meet. Come to this session to sharpen your skills when it comes to knowing your customers, and start crafting messaging that hits home every time.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Deeply understand your customer segments
  • Map your customer’s experience across their end-to-end journey
  • Identify the moments that matter most
  • Create raving, loyal customers who are addicted to your services