How to Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have sparked concern for brand and Facebook page managers – many of whom fear that their organic reach will plummet thanks to a new prioritization of interactions with family and friends. In this workshop, Carlos Gil (formerly of LinkedIn and BMC Software) will provide you a detailed look into the update and share proactive steps you can immediately use to not only survive but thrive on Facebook in 2018.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Know the types of content Facebook gives preferential treatment to
  • Implement strategies for boosting organic Facebook reach and engagement
  • Go outside of the box with tips and tricks to optimize how you post on Facebook
  • Create a valuable checklist to help you reclaim your fans on Facebook
  • Go beyond Facebook with ads to reach targeted buyers
  • Replicate engagement secrets implemented by the world’s leading brands and creators
  • Optimize engagement & click-through rates on posts