7 Steps for Building Branded Site UX

Most Brand Books/style guides are rotting on the vine when it comes to website guidance. They do a good job describing how your website should look, but what about how it should feel to your users? Aside from some copywriting guidance, most brands fall short when describing a website’s interaction strategy—especially considering the role interaction design plays in determining how well your website converts. This session provides a step-by-step framework for extending your existing brand standards into a scalable interaction design strategy. We’ll examine real-world examples and case studies, and you’ll receive a worksheet that streamlines adding interactions into your current Brand Book.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Effectively audit your current brand guidelines based on research
  • Identify new opportunities to inject your brand’s personality via UX methods
  • Track Brand Book improvements with KPIs that resonate with key stakeholders

This session is for digital marketers with several years’ experience who want a proven system for maintaining a Brand Book responsibly.