Be the Guide, NOT the Hero of your Customer’s Story

You’ve spent countless hours and significant marketing dollars in an effort to create the perfect website, the most effective ads, the most entertaining videos, and the most attractive social media feed but there’s just one problem…it’s not working. Your ideal customers aren’t pounding at your front door for the products and services you offer. You know there’s something missing and if your message could just connect better, your whole business could transform. In this session, you’ll learn that it’s in the narrative of your customer’s story that unlocks your ability to truly stand out and become a modern success story.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Recast your company/brand in the only role that can truly connects with your customers
  • Discover where you can extract your customer’s greatest desire, most frustrating paint points, and the philosophical why to their future success
  • Apply an easy framework to clarify your company’s marketing messaging
  • Revise the home page of your website for greatest impact and conversions