ABM and Sales Velocity: How to Use ABM for Pipeline Acceleration

The average sales cycle length has increased 22%. As a marketer, why should that alarm you? Aside from the obvious answer (closing large deals faster = more revenue), a higher sales velocity means the following: shorter sales cycles requiring fewer resources dedicated to developing the sale; less opportunity for a competitor swooping in and taking the deal; and less struggle to keep the momentum until ultimately ending up with a “no decision” loss.

Join Auseh Britt to hear a playbook on leveraging ABM for pipeline acceleration. You’ll walk away with tactical examples of how to use ABM to better support sales by shortening your sales cycle and closing more revenue, faster.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why ABM is critical to increasing your sales velocity and improve your efforts
  • Use ABM to Run Pipeline Acceleration Programs
  • Apply proven best practices to shorten sales cycles, based on real-world examples and data of pipeline acceleration campaigns

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