If you’re like us, you L-O-V-E to borrow someone else’s great ideas. This session will be packed with examples and actionable takeaways for how you can optimize and accelerate the customer journey across digital channels: From content to click to customer advocate. There’s still time to save the internet. Come learn from our mistakes and steal our ideas so when you get back to your desk, your pass them off as your own (hey, it’s worked for us). This fast-paced session will cover a lot of ground.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use data-driven digital nurturing more effectively (for nerds and non-nerds)
  • Create truly compelling content (fun for creatives, and the rest of us)
  • Provide remarkable customer experiences using 4 must-have ingredients (yes, there are more than 4, but someone screwed up and told us to lead this session so we picked four we like)