The principles of open source are most often applied to very specific approaches of software development. True to its open source heritage, the Firefox maker Mozilla decided to apply the principles of transparency, collaboration and participation to a new area: modern marketing.

Why should you care about open source principles? A growing cohort of consumers, who we call Conscious Choosers, not only make their purchase decisions based on value alignment with organizations, but they can also make or break a brand’s reputation based on their public support or dissent, amplified by technology tools. Product and marketing strategies that are developed using open source best practices give these consumers the quality information they need to feel good about being brand advocates. Equally, strategies built with these principles have a higher likelihood of being scalable and adopted by internal marketing team members

After attending this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how an “open sourced” brand experience comes to life in the world
  • Design a marketing project applying open source principles
  • Translate the benefits of this approach to your consumers and your team