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Raleigh, NC – November 14-15, 2018

The definitive digital marketing gathering


Internet Summit 2017 thought leaders and visionaries included...

Seth Godin - Bestselling Author
Seth Godin
Best-Selling Author and Marketing Guru
Mitch Lowe - Netflix
Mitch Lowe
Co-Founder of Netflix
Ann Handley - MarketingProfs
Ann Handley
Donald Buckley - Showtime
Donald Buckley
Natasha Mulla - Mashable
Natasha Mulla
Patricia Davis-Muffett - Amazon Web Services
Patricia Davis-Muffett
Amazon Web Services
Jen Capstraw - Adobe
Jen Capstraw
Joe Fullman - The Onion
Joe Fullman
The Onion
Benish Shah - Refinery 29
Benish Shah
Refinery 29
Mary Ellen Muckerman - Mozilla
Mary Ellen Muckerman
Mark Josephson - Bitly
Mark Josephson
Mary Shea - Forrester
Mary Shea
Satish Kanwar - Shopify
Satish Kanwar
Brandi Wyche - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Brandi Wyche
Heather Levy - Gartner
Heather Pemberton Levy
Thom Craver - CBS News
Thom Craver
CBS News
Amy Schmittauer - Vlogboss
Amy Schmittauer
Danny Singh
Danny Singh
Farmers Insurance

The world's leading brands & you

Former speakers & attendee include brands like

“This was such an incredible experience. Absolutely unparalleled. Thanks for everything!”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“I came expecting to get insights. Unexpectedly, I have a burning fire to do something remarkable. Thanks Digital Summit!”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“Wow. Knew I’d learn a lot here, but this surpassed all expectations. Highly recommend Digital Summit to all marketers, everywhere!”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“Thanks to Digital Summit for a great show. Informative and relevant all the way.”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“A wonderful event filled with incredibly bright and innovative people.”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“Slowly coming down off of my #digital high from Digital Summit. Thank you for another great year!”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“I think I’ve died and gone to digital marketing heaven! Awesome lineup.”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

“Information overload, in a good way! Thanks for so much goodness.”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

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